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Press Releases

Samuel K Designer Windows First in Industry to Offer Revolutionary Window Treatment
"An entirely new option in window treatments has revolutionized the window industry with a one-of-a-kind window product having residential, commercial, and religious applications. Samuel K Designer Windows are the stylish and affordable alternative to pricy leaded or stained glass windows and a new addition to the DIY market. The hand assembled, seamless, layered designs are easily applied to the existing window, enhancing the strength and integrity of the glass while protecting rooms and furnishings from UV damage with a built-in 98% UV protection factor. While ordinary clear window glass lets in about 70% of the sun's UV radiation, Samuel K Designer windows block 98% of the damaging UV rays that cause fading, while letting light pass through your custom designed window."
PR Web, January 20, 2010

NEW! Decorative Stained Glass Applique
"Samuel K Designs Stained Glass Appliques are a perfect alternative to stained glass. This unique, easy to install (no hardware needed) window treatment will add a totally new dimension to your window. Each applique is made to your order! Every one is hand assembled from computer cut, custom manufactured materials. The proprietary process creates a discernible texture and the “bevels” look as real as in leaded glass.

All Stained Glass Appliques have the look and feel of leaded glass and have UV inhibitors integrated into every layer of the product, which prevents fading and discoloration. Summer heat is reduced and winter warmth is retained within the room.

All designs have a built in 98% UV protection factor. Unlike etching or sandblasting, a stained glass applique will enhance the integrity of the glass. The applique bonds to the existing glass to create a laminated and consequently a safer window. Where there is a flat sheet of glass, this product can be applied with magnificent results.

A 10 year factory warranty comes with every stained glass applique.

Unique Designer Windows Start with Alpharetta-Based Manufacturer

By Jennifer Beam
Staff Writer

Published Oct 25, 2007,

If you’ve ever admired the look of stained glass but feared it was impractical or unaffordable, Samuel K Designer Windows has the solution. A one-of-a-kind company, Samuel K Designer Windows produces uniquely designed architectural window films that adhere directly to any window’s existing glass. The window treatments are both affordable and practical, with a lifetime warranty.
Sam Kamber, owner and operator, has been in business manufacturing custom window treatments since 1998. Gail Carmody, director of marketing at Samuel K Designer Windows, points out that this is the only business of its kind in the world. Their product, a faux stained glass custom overlay, is a concept that began as an obvious need to create an alternative to traditional stained glass as well as fill a unique niche in window treatments.


Samuel K Designer Window’s faux stained glass overlays can be custom made to fit side lights, front doors, transoms, and palladiums, which are all traditionally difficult to dress. Their product is not affected by steam or moisture and does not mildew, making the overlays ideal for garden tub windows. Additionally, they are energy efficient and offer UV protection. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from and the level of privacy can be customized as well.
Serving the state of Georgia and beyond.m