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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Samuel K Designer Window ? - It is a custom, hand assembled, seamless, layered design that is applied to the existing window.

  • How does the cost compare with a Stained Glass Window ? - A Samuel K Designer Window is very economical - a typical bathroom window measuring 16 sq.ft. costs less than $300. A Stained Glass Window will cost about 5 times more.

  • How much privacy will I get ? - Our Designer Window should provide you greater privacy than Stained Glass.

  • Will the moisture in the bathroom affect the product ? - No, not at all.

  • What maintenance is required ? - Simply wipe with a damp cloth as needed. Do not use ammonia based cleaners or any abrasive cleaning product.

  • Can I Do My Own Installation? - Our product is so easy to install. Requires no drilling to install - Applied in 15 minutes - No special skills required for installation -Easy to handle, no pressure sensitive adhesive to worry about - Can be removed and re-installed - No trimming - pre-cut to fit the window.

  • Will the colors in the product fade ? - Our materials are all manufactured with U.V. protection, we offer our 10 year warrantee against discoloring and fading.

  • Is there a warantee? - We provide a 10 year limited warrantee against delaminating, peeling and discoloring.

  • Is the Samuel K Designer Window energy efficient ? - Yes, it has a 98% UV protection factor. Our Designer Window will reduce the heat in summer and retain the warmth in winter. 

  • Will it affect the integrity of the glass ? - No, it will enhance the integrity of the glass.

  • How long will I have to wait for my Designer Window? - Your Designer Window will be ready to ship to your home and install within 21 days after finalization of the order.

  • Can I take my Designer Window with me if I move? - Our Designer Windows are created with a proprietary film which will allow you to remove and replace the design at any time in the future, 
  • Custom Designs - We are able to create almost any design you could imagine -  a custom artwork fee might apply..

  • Value - Costs 1/5 price of Stained Glass Window & less than a shutter.

  • Applications - Made to fit any shape window , better application than blinds or shutters on doors, sidelights, transoms & odd shaped windows.