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About Us

The Samuel K Story

A growing need for an alternative to stained glass along with a totally new dimension in window treatments birthed the concept of Samuel K Designer Windows in 1998. After 18 months of initial development, the product was offered to a limited client base to test the market and fine-tune the product.We are proud to offer an alternate window treatment that has been marveled at, embraced and installed in the most discerning high-end market homes across the country. Samuel K Designs is the innovative leader in quality, affordable glass overlay products for windows of any size or shape. For more than a decade, homeowners have enjoyed this best kept secret of leaded and stain glass looks at a fraction of the cost.

Established in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Samuel K is a business with a family backbone. We are passionate about creating custom and one-of-a-kind pieces for our customer’s homes. From sidelights, to foyer windows, garden tub windows and shower enclosures, every Samuel K Design upholds its signature quality of transforming your home with timeless, classic window looks for the privacy and beauty of your home.Samuel K Designs have been the first choice of contractors, builders, and interior designers for homes, churches, and other facilities as the new industry standard to affordably add the look of expensive window treatments to any project.


Samuel K Designer Windows provide homeowners with timeless, classic designer windows for any traditional or contemporary home. Compared to costly stained or leaded glass windows, a Samuel K designer window makes breathtaking views possible for your home and budget. We’ve revolutionized the window industry and are committed to providing our customers with innovative, original designs that highlight the beauty of their individual homes.


Samuel K Designer Windows are of the highest quality and are hand assembled, seamless, layered designs that allow you to own a one-of-a-kind design for your window, or you may choose from our portfolio of designs, shapes, and colors to make your vision a reality. A Samuel K designer window is the look you’ve been searching for at a price you can afford.


Samuel K Designs is the premiere provider of high-end window accessories at an affordable price; costing one fourth the price of leaded glass and the same or less than top-of-the-line shutters. Whether you’ve imagined an intricately crafted custom design for your garden tub window or a simple overlay for your front door, we guarantee your satisfaction with the quality and durability of every design. Samuel K uses only the finest materials available to create a flawless look when taking your windows from ordinary to stunning.


Samuel K Designer Windows operates with a modular setup that is not limited to resources. The product is demand-ready and can be customized and shipped within 21 days from the day the artwork proof is approved.